Dave’s Review for iFetch Interactive Ball Thrower

Review written on September 1, 2016


iFetch Interactive Ball Thrower

iFetch Interactive Ball Thrower


The Pros

  • Keeps your pet entertained for as long as they want
  • No setup required
  • Sturdy, edge proof design


The Cons

  • Only works with mini balls
  • Some dogs may stand in front of the launcher, getting hit in the face


The Story Behind iFetch

Denny and Grant Hamill, the grandfather and grandson team who created iFetch, say that the real genius behind their product innovation is the family’s fetch-crazed toy poodle named Prancer. The idea came to Grant while trying to do his homework, at the family’s kitchen table, as Prancer nudged, pawed, and begged him to throw the ball over and over and over again. If only Prancer could play fetch without Grant having to throw the ball all the time . . . the result is iFetch. He and his grandfather, tested some prototypes and set up a Kickstarter to make it happen. iFetch has won numerous awards and has been featured on Katie Couric’s talk show. Also mentions in print publications such as The New York Times and Outside magazine.


The iFetch Device

This device is geared towards small to medium sized dogs. Especially the ones who never seem to get their fill of playing fetch. It’s a simple design. It has round edges and a slick design. It’s small enough to store when you aren’t using it. To use it, your dog simply drops the ball in the large opening at the top of iFetch. After a brief pause, the device launches the ball from 10 to 30 feet, depending on the setting you have it set to. Dog owners love teaching their pets how to retrieve the balls and drop them in the ball slot. There are several YouTube videos demonstrating how they’ve taught their dog.


What's in the box

iFetch uses miniature tennis balls (1.5” diameter) and includes a set of 3 when you purchase the device. If your dog loves to chomp and slobber on his tennis balls until they damaged beyond repair. Not to worry, iFetch also sells replacement balls in sets of 5.

5 iFetch Balls

We love iFetch’s elegant design. With hyper pets in mind, it has a round, no pointy edge design. It has a three stage LED display for the various stages of iFetch’s throwing range. You can set it to launch a distance of 10, 20 or 30 feet. Just press the button to cycle through the three different distance settings.

3 Settings

Most people set it up for use inside and plug it into their wall socket. But if you decide to take iFetch to the park or somewhere where power isn’t readily available, not to worry. It will work on 6 “C-type” batteries. iFetch can keep throwing balls for about 30 hours on a fully charged set.

When your pet becomes tired (even high energy dogs can get tired), iFetch will go into standby mode. The light will turn off after 30 seconds of non-use. However once a ball is dropped into the funnel, iFetch will wake up, ready for more action.


iFetch Now Available for Larger Dogs “iFetch Too”

Although iFetch can be used by all dogs, it’s more geared towards small and medium sized dogs. iFetch isn’t forgetting about bigger dogs. That’s a job for iFetch Too. This device launches balls at distances of 10, 25 or 40 feet. It also uses regular sized tennis balls (2.6” in diameter). It can do everything iFetch can do. It’s available from Amazon here.

iFetch Too


Features and Benefits of iFetch Interactive Ball Thrower

  • Includes ball launcher and 3 iFetch balls
  • iFetch throws a ball 10 feet, 20 feet or 30 feet
  • Similar pet balls (1.5” diameter) will also work
  • Can be used alone by your dog or used as a throwing aid for you you and your dog
  • Has a standby mode when not in use
  • Plug it into a receptacle or use 6 “C type” batteries
  • AC adapter is included


Dave’s Conclusion

We can all relate to Grant’s situation of being too busy or not in the mood to play fetch. Turn on iFetch and let your dog keep himself occupied until he runs out of energy. If you are tossing the ball and your arm gets tired, you can let iFetch take over for a while. Regardless of if you are throwing the ball or iFetch is, it is great exercise for your dog. As mentioned in the Cons section. Your dog may stand directly in the line of fire of the device, but he will quickly learn to stand to the side. This is a great toy for any dog. That’s why we are giving it 4 stars out of 5.