Dave’s Review of Petcube Interactive Wi-Fi Pet Camera

Review written on August 31, 2016


Petcube Interactive Wi-Fi Pet Camera

Petcube Interactive Pet Camera


The Pros

  • Solid rounded edges design
  • Built in remote controllable laser pointer
  • HD video and two way audio so your pets can hear you
  • Easy to set up
  • Works with iOS and Android


The Cons

  • Doesn’t record video
  • No motion of sound detection notifications
  • Unlike similar devices on Dave’s Top Guide, this device doesn’t have a treat dispenser


What is the Petcube

Petcube is the first pet device that we’ve found that lets you play with your pet from anywhere at any time. Not only that, but your friends, family and even complete strangers (if you want) can also play with and view your pet.

Alex Neskin, CTO & Founder came up with the idea of Petcube, when his neighbors complained about his dog barking and scratching while he was away. Petcube solved this problem by keeping his dog entertained and distracted.

The device is, as the name suggests a cube. It’s four inches on each side. It can be placed almost anywhere as it has a silicone square on the bottom to keep the camera in place. You can also use the tripod screw on the bottom for extra security. When placing the cube, you can be assured of a wide coverage. The HD (720p) camera has a 138 degree lens to capture a broad view of the room.


Petcube’s App and How to Set It Up

Once you’ve downloaded the app. Petcube walks you through the process of setting up the cube. It prompts you as you go through the setup as to the color of the LED and what should be displayed. You are told to connect Petcube to your Wi-Fi, the light on the front will turn white and you’re good to go.

Petcube has a multi-colored LED light on the front. Yellow means it’s completing the start-up sequence. Green is Wi-Fi setup mode. White is online, stand-by mode. Most importantly, Blue is play mode! Make sure your minding your privacy because Petcube is streaming live video at the moment!

Petcube App View


Play With Pets

While using the free app, we decided to check out the public viewing area. This is where, if people want their Petcube to be public, you can check out and play with their animals. Most people have the microphone off, because they don’t want people bothering their pets. But most of the live video streams, we checked out, left the laser pointer on. The ones with the red dot means someone else is viewing the camera. If you click on that pet, you are put in a waiting line of about 30 seconds. We tried to play with one pet and got a video feed of a child playing and no pet. That was a bit awkward, so we backed out of there and tried another. This time we saw a cat that was walking past the view of the camera to behind the sofa. We managed to coax him out and had a great time playing with him using Petcube’s laser pointer. The laser is a 5mW 3R class laser. Basically that means it’s a low-power safety red laser, which is certified and safe.


Features and Benefits of Petcube Interactive Pet Camera

  • Camera is 720p HD video streaming
  • 138 degree diagonal view
  • 2-way audio connection
  • Controllable 5mW laser beam
  • Various camera sharing options
  • Works with Apple and Android smartphones
  • Tripod mount and silicon grip on the bottom of the device
  • Friends and family can log on, see your pet and play with them through shared access
  • No ongoing monthly fees or subscriptions


Dave’s Conclusion

We do love the laser pointer and the ability of others to play with your pet while you are away. The two way voice communication and the 720p camera are also added bonuses. We would like to be able to record videos and to be able to dispense treats.If you’d like to dispense treats and allow your pet to see your face, while you are away, we’d recommend PetChatz Greet & Treat Videophone. This is available here on Dave’s Top Guide. Petcube does deliver on keeping your pets entertained and gives you the ability to check on you furry friend from anywhere at any time. For being the only camera that allows you to remotely play with your pet, we give Petcube 5 stars out of 5.