Dave’s Review of Petzi Treat Cam

Review written on August 29, 2016


Petzi Treat Cam

Petzi Treat Cam


The Pros

  • Fun way to interact with your pet from your office or even out of town
  • Pets love the treat surprises
  • Petzi gives you a live 720p view of your pets
  • Allows you to snap impromptu pictures


The Cons

  • Doesn’t record video
  • The quality of the video could be better
  • Occasionally the treats get jammed


What is the Petzi Treat Cam

Introducing the four function Petzi Treat Cam. Technology has changed how we interact with our pets and Petzi seems to be on the cutting edge of those advancements.

Petzi App View

Using the app, with a touch of a button, you can see your pet, they can see you and hear your familiar voice, you can snap an ideal photo of them and of course give them a treat to enjoy.


Give Them a Treat

Our favorite part of Petzi is the ability to launch your cat or dog’s favorite treat, from no matter where you are, by using the app. It doesn’t just dump the treats on the ground, it shoots them out. Some dogs enjoy catching the treat while it’s in midair. Just a word of warning, your pets know where the treats are and will attempt to get inside of Petzi. If you leave the Petzi free standing on the floor, you’ll more than likely be watching the ceiling or the floor. Fortunately the device comes with a mounting kit, where you can attach it to the walls, or if you don’t want to put holes in your walls, you can Velcro strap it to a furniture leg.


Watch Your Pet on Live Streaming Video

We would have preferred to have the ability to record video, but in retrospect if you have limited memory on your phone already, recorded video would quickly wipe that out. What the device does have is the ability to give you a live stream of 720p video. We would have thought the quality would be better, but the live stream is a nice touch. The camera doesn’t pan or tilt, so keep this in mind when you are placing your camera.


Take a Picture and Share

When your pet gets that perfect pose, you can snap a picture of them with the camera button on the app. You can then share it on your favorite social network or on Petzi own social network, where you can meet and show off your pet to fellow Petzi owners.


Let Your Dog Hear Your Voice

Finally, when you are away, some dogs suffer from separation anxiety. This can lead to destructive behavior. Now you can train your dog to come running when you call him, using the voice function on Petzi. When they arrive you can always give them an extra reward, by dispensing a treat. You can try to train your cat, but if she is anything like my cat, she’ll be more interest in her favorite show. The living room window! If your calling doesn’t bring them, the treats will.


The Petzi App

From the start, the app seems a little demanding. We tried to create a new account. The app wanted a user name, password, e-mail address and a profile pic. We wanted to add the profile pic later, but it wouldn’t let us join without one. You are then presented with a details about your pet page. It almost looks like a dating app for your furry friend.

Petzi Profile Pages

The Petzi social media area is like a mini Facebook. You can post picture of your pet on the app. People can “Awwws” (like) your pictures and comment on them. The app’s main menu also includes information on the Petzi Treat Cam, a Shop for treats, Services Directory, My Profiles, Notifications and finally a Help Center.


Features and Benefits of Petzi Treat Cam

  • The device is controlled via app-controlled Wi-Fi connection
  • Check in on your pet from anywhere at anytime
  • The camera is a 720p, wide-angle with night vision
  • Uses high-quality audio for calling your pet
  • Dispenses treats (preferably smaller than 1 inch and dry)
  • Multiple ways to mount your Petzi
  • App can be used with iOS or Android devices
  • Each time you press the “Treat Button”, 1-3 pet treats are tossed out


Dave’s Conclusion

Just a few years ago, the idea of feeding, watching and interacting with your pet from anywhere at any time, was purely science fiction! Despite the cam not being as clear as we’d like, the treat delivery system sets this device apart. We believe the Petzi is worth the price. This is why we are giving the Petzi Treat Cam 4 stars out of 5!!