Dave’s Review of Whistle GPS Pet Finder

Review written on August 27, 2016


Whistle GPS Pet Tracker

Whistle GPS Pet Tracker


The Pros

  • Uses cellular and GPS technology to quickly locate your pet
  • Whistle will notify you if your pet roams too far from a zone that is customizable by you. If that does happen you can track their current location from any smartphone.
  • Track your dog’s activity and rest, for key insights about their behavior and health.
  • Works anywhere that has cellular service


The Cons

  • Requires a service plan, but is as low as $6.95/month
  • If you live in a remote area, without cellular service, the device won’t work


What is Whistle GPS Pet Tracker

If you’ve ever lost a pet, you can relate the feeling of helplessness and concern about their location and safety.  Thanks to this new technology, no more “lost pet” signs or searching the streets is required.  Whistle will direct you directly to your pet.  Giving you the peace of mind that you will never be separated, for too long, from your furry companion.

Using GPS technology, we’ve become accustomed to finding our lost smart phones, navigating city streets and even playing GPS games like GeoCaching.  Now it’s possible to use this technology to keep our pets safe. 

Whistle is perfect for the adventurous cat that will run outside as soon as you open the door. Or the “escape artist” dog who always finds a way to slip out of the backyard.  Old technology used microchips.  This technology is only useful if your pet is scanned by a vet or a shelter.  Of course this only applies to pets that are rescued.

Pet owners use the Whistle app to set a “safe zone”.  This safe zone can be set for anywhere, by you.  At home, the office or even on vacation.  If at any time your pet leaves this zone, the app will automatically send you a text, an e-mail or an in-app alert.

The Whistle app will use GPS technology to provide you with the exact location of your pet.  Even if your pet is on the move, you can track their location to find your loyal companion quickly and easily. 

Whistle GPS View


About the Device Itself

Whistle attaches to your cat or dog’s existing collar or harness, up to two inches wide.  It’s shock resistant, durable, waterproof and lightweight. It’s designed to go anywhere your pet decides to go.  It weighs only 1.3 ounces (37 grams).  The battery will last for 10 days of continuous use, but only take one hour to charge.


Additional Benefits of Whistle

In addition to the GPS, the Whistle app can also allows you to track and manage your pets health.  You can log meals and create medication reminders.  This can be especially helpful for co-parents, to make sure your pet isn’t getting too much or too little of their medication.

Finally, you can use Whistle to make sure your pet is getting the right amount of exercise and activity for their breed and age.  This can be valuable information to share with your vet as needed.


Features and Benefits of Whistle GPS Pet Tracker

  • Ability to create a whistle zone.  The whistle zone is a customizable safe area you designate for your home or office
  • Even when your pet is on the move, whistle’s GPS technology allows you to pin point your pets location
  • Receive notifications from the app or via text alert if your pet gets out
  • Track your dog’s activity and rest for key insights about their behavior and health
  • Shock resistant, durable, waterproof and lightweight
  • Very affordable monthly service for GPS location


Dave’s Conclusion

As a young boy, my dog “Sonny” left the yard and didn’t come back. A few days later, a neighbor called to inform us that he had found my dog under his porch.  My dog was barely alive.  We took him to the vet, but he was too far gone and had to be put to sleep.  Later, we found out that another neighbor saw my dog get hit by a van.  Sonny ran off and the neighbor lost track of where he went.

In those days when he was missing, I would have given anything to know where Sonny was. After he was found, I wondered if we had gotten to him sooner, if he might have been saved. Well the technology is here now! It’s available to anyone who wants it.  That’s why we are giving the Whistle GPS Pet Tracker 5 stars out of 5.